Previous versions of nodeStorage could only store data in Amazon S3.

Starting with v0.77, we can also store data in the local file system.


Here's an example of a config.json that tells nodeStorage to use the local file system.

What's different

  1. There is a new where element, that specifies where the files are stored.

  2. Because we specify a where element, s3Path and s3PrivatePath would be ignored, so we left them out. Important, they are still very much supported, so nodeStorage installations that predate v0.77 will continue to work with this version and future versions.

  3. There's a new optional element, basePublicUrl, that says what all URLs should be prefixed with. If it's not present, we just add an http:pensive: in front of the publicPath value to form the URL. This generally works if you're storing stuff in S3. It's still nice to have the ability to specify the URL,

This configuration works, I used it to test the development version of nodeStorage v0.77.

New feature in v0.77

We now can serve the public content managed my nodeStorage directly from the nodeStorage server. So if you're using the file system to store your data, you don't also have to run a web server to serve the content, nodeStorage will do it for you.

Of course you can use another server if you want. Just specify config.where.publicPath to point to a directory that's accessible to your web server, and set basePublicUrl so that it points to the location you're storing to when accessed over HTTP.

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